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Denosustentation Technique
Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze / Beramendi / Beachup

Is an invisible face support with technical Brazilian Thread Beramendi which is made with double convergence polypropylene threads.

This is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that allows aesthetic corrections (facial ptosic) with a non-scalpel surgery that improves the physical appearance and it is the most practical and effective outpatient procedure that vanishes the drop or prolapse of an organ of part of it lifting it very softly, pulling face skin such as that from the eyelids, cheeks, or neck. However, to enjoy this effective procedure we had to pass through a large research process that was developed in Georgiana Moscow by Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze that initially, in an effort to soften wrinkles and flaccidity, developed in a surface a pattern of woven gold threads but without obtaining the desired results.

When Dr. Sulamanidze analyzed the problem he modified his idea thinking to substitute the gold thread by Prolene (a non-absorbent plastic stitch) and place barbs or teeth along the thread, so it could act as a hook to lift the skin.

This idea produced the Aptos thread, which has bidirectional teeth that begin in the middle thread and point toward the middle part. The center of the thread is placed under the forehead, the area between the jaw and the cheek, etc., and the thread softly tightens facial tissue until the doctor reaches the desired results.

This technique is known as Featherlift (soft lift) and the threads leave no scar; all you have is fine and delicate insertions with surprising results for the patient. The procedure does not require face bandage and after the procedure all the patient needs is to place some ice compresses on the face.

o understand why featherlift thread implanting revolutionized current treatments, a procedure that uses no cuts, leaves no scars, does not bleed, and does not produce trauma with local anesthesia, Laser Center prepared the following information for you.

ifting Thread

The thread is made of polypropylene a material that is not absorbable, not biodegradable, it is biocompatible and very resistant. Because the thread is not absorbed it does not provoke allergic reactions. It is not rejected by the body and resists the face’s big muscular tension. Polypropylene is widely used in different clinic specialties. The thread is implanted in the face’s deep layer of fat tissue and it is not detected at simple view or by touching. No important nerve can be reached during the procedure, but sometimes secondary nerves can be touched and could cause a slight sensibility that in general disappears in the first month after the procedure. As the implant stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, it improves the circulation and nutrition power of facial tissue.

he result provided by the Russian Thread is that the expression lines will fade and it will leave no mark or scar. Complications are rare. Sometimes the patients can develop small folds due to natural fitting or movement of the face and neck, which are treated with massage.

hy does the Lifting Thread pulls facial skin?

Three factors allow and guarantee the lift.

irst, the lifting thread has two anchor segments by means of claws that run in opposite direction toward the center of the thread.

econd, when the thread mesh is implanted in the deep fat – the thread is not implanted in the muscle – the claws grab firmly to the fat tissue while the claws, one by one, pulls and lift the flaccid tissue, and support and maintain the tissue raised in the new position.

hird, the trajectory and pull exercised by the claws are directed toward the back, up and to the side. Facial tissue is retracted in the same direction to allow face lifting.

s lifting permanent and definitive?

Although lifting is not permanent, nowadays this treatment provides the best results using polypropylene threads. However, if some region gets loose again, this procedure is the best option because new threads can be implanted to perform mini corrections with more subtle and natural effects.

The Featherlift technique does not leave scars, does not require bandages, and after the procedure ice compresses are placed on the patient’s face. The procedure takes approximately from 30 minutes to one hour, which depends on the number of areas that are treated.

he number of threads required also depends on the number of areas that are going to be treated. This procedure is ideal for young adults, adults, and mature people. Complications are rare, but sometimes the patients can develop small folds due to natural fitting or movement of the face and neck, which are treated with massage. To refresh your face this technique is ideal to rejuvenate without the need of long surgeries.

s it possible to change the aspect of our face and refresh it without spending hours in an operating room? Fortunately yes. Thanks to the technological revolution that has occurred in different fields of medicine this is more than feasible, because this procedure in particular offers many advantages for the patient.

r. Piña declares:

“In the past there were young people who wanted to do something to their face but they were too young for traditional surgery”, now with this outpatient and low cost procedure we can attend these types of patients. Most of the people tell me they want something discrete, natural, and not drastic at all. For these people the lifting technique with Brazilian threads is the ideal.

It is not necessary to have a long recovery because the cut is not done with a scalpel. A needle pulls the thread and crosses the skin. In spite of the multiple advantages this procedure offers, there are people that get surprised when we tell them that the threads will remain in their face. In this case, Dr. Piña says, “In basic facial plastic surgery, polypropylene threads are very useful to make some type of knotting, therefore it is not uncommon to use them”. In this case, we leave the thread under the skin with certain special characteristics because the thread has claws to help the thread to anchor to the skin and obtain the results we want.

To hold the flaccid tissue, the claws of the thread are directed in different directions, that is, half of them go to one side and the other half to another side. At the end, the threads form a mesh under the skin which provides firmness making the person look younger, and best of all, with a natural look.

or example, to manage the cheek zone we use a minimum of three threads horizontally and some threads vertically, in such a way that the final result is a net like shape. “Our internal tissue covers the thread forming fibrosis, that is, a cover that provides more support to the thread itself, to the stitch we are leaving there”. “This procedure requires local anesthesia and we only use a needle, that is, no scalpel is used, and there are no cuts”, Dr. Piña indicates, “we place and pull the threads and leave the ends outward, and while we pull we measure the effect we want to reach according to the area and age of the patient”.

nother advantage according to Dr. Piña is that the treatment can be applied in specific areas, that is, to pull the eyebrows, to soften a flaccid neck, etc. “Obviously we have to assess the patient to see if he/she is apt for this method, because ideal patients are those that show flaccid skin and are healthy, therefore, age is not so important. However, Dr. Piña considers the ideal age of a person to use this procedure ranges between the age of 30 up to 60 or 65 in healthy individuals.

his procedure is outstanding because there are no cuts and the side effects are only temporary, such as slight inflammation and bruises. On the other hand, one weekend of rest at home is enough to resume normal activities on Monday. At the end of the procedure we place a mask of micropore tape to contain exaggerated facial movements during two or three days. Something very important is that the method is applied by a surgeon, that is to say, a duly trained professional.

The procedure can be combined with other methods such as injection of fat in an area where it is required. The effect could last from 5 to 7 years, depending on the evolution of the aging process of each person in particular.

Traditional Procedure

Complex and long surgery
Patient hospitalization and reclusion
General anesthesia


Delicate and long post surgical recovery
Long term results


Surgery performed in a sterilized area
Simple and fast
Local anesthesia
It takes from one to three hours
The patient is assessed as if a surgery were going to be performed

Fast and non aggressive recovery
Immediate results


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