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acial surgery with scalpe

Small surgery to improve the face flaccidity

Frequently patients request of me a simple surgery to improve loose cheeks and neck flaccidity without having to endure a long process that could require a lot of recovery time. In addition, they do not want a change that would make them feel weird or stereotyped.

very acceptable result is possible with a simple surgery known as “Minilifting with scalpel”. It consists of an extraction of the skin and a special suspension stitch that in recent years has experienced a sudden boom. This type of moderate surgery is ideal for younger patients that present premature flaccid tissue in the lower part of the face and who are not prepared for a large surgery due to an incipient flaccidity problem. It is also recommended for older people who do not wish to have radical changes but only wish to minimize cheek and neck flaccidity. Likewise, it could be performed on people that already had a surgery and they wish a procedure to rectify prior results without being involved in a large surgery.

his mini-surgery procedure combined with another method, according to the case, such as removal of fat from the double chin, could have very good results.

Traditional and complete face lifting does not always produce the best results in patients, because the skin is moved and the result is a stereotyped and tight face, implies more risks and a slow and difficult recovery.

In big cities, aesthetic surgery has been improving a lot with time. People follow healthier diets, exercise, follow fashion trends, and undergo plastic surgery as part of modern life.

People look to improve their appearance, look much better and for longer time. To look tired or aged when our spirits are still young is not proper in these times.

Thus, I would like to talk about a new type of lifting or face surgery, a procedure with special characteristics and surprising results because it is less complicated and extensive than traditional face surgery. In addition this procedure has the following advantages:

- It does not leave marks behind the ear.

- It does not provoke loss of hair in the temples.

- The procedure does not take a lot of time.

- Minimal swelling and short recovery.

specially the result is very natural compared to more radical face lifting.

It takes around two hours with local anesthesia and sedation, with a cut that respects the hair zone and all the doctor does is a cut in front of the ear that is not very noticeable. This procedure allows adjusting drooping cheeks and neck flaccidity applying a couple of special permanent stitches that hold the neck muscle and the aponeurotic system. When this muscle is lifted, it lifts the cheeks placing the tissue where it used to be years before.

This is the procedure ideal for people who want a natural look and a fast recovery.

his is the simplest procedure of all and it is possible to combine it, according to the case, with mini liposuction from the chin, or elimination of under eye bags, or some non surgical work such as cellular face revitalization, application of Botox in the expression line between the eyebrows, or infiltration of products to fill face wrinkles or expression lines.


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