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s a procedure used to augment or reduce the size of the chin. The objective of this surgery is to reach harmony with the rest of the features.

he idea is that the chin is vertically below the inferior lip. It may be necessary for some orthodoncy work to correct the position of the teeth or oral surgery to change the position of the mandible.

The size of the chin is always considered when the surgeon analyzes the aesthetic harmony of the face. He decides what the best profile for the patient is.

ormally, the mandible is very small and an augmentation is necessary to enhance the face contour. This augmentation is done through an implant that has the same texture than normal tissue; the implant is made of a completely safe substance. In very few cases the chin is too big, and in these cases a reduction of the chin is necessary. In this case the excess bone is eliminated or the mandible can be reduced through a surgery. Commonly, mentoplasty is done at the same time then rhynoplasty. Chin implants can be combined with:

Ritidectomy (face lift), augments the jaw and provides a younger appearance to the neck. The surgery does not take long and is done under local anesthesia with minimum problems.

The most common method is to make a small incision inside the mouth or under the chin. The inflammation is very shallow and bandages are applied for three days. Stitches are withdrawn approximately in the fifth day. The scar is almost imperceptible and disappears with time.


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