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ydrolipoclasia comes from the Greek word Hydro that means Water; Lipo that means fat; and Clasia that means “to break”, “to blow”.

ydrolipoclasia. In a fast and natural way this procedure eliminates without scalpel the belly, fat folds, saddlebags. (Note: side of the thighs).

The success of ultrasound hydrolipoclasia is due to the fact that this treatment eliminates located fat areas with ultrasound.

* It is effective; it does not require hospitalization; it is not invasive;

* It is not risky.

* It is not based on diets or products that have to be eaten, and it is the best option for people whose figure has changed due to fat gain.

ltrasound produces thermogenesis (heat) when the waves move inside water or sterile physiological solution producing cavitation. This novelty technique is indicated for localized fatty areas because it has a similar effect to micro liposuction, but without the surgery. The sound waves generate very intense movement and resulting cavitation produces excellent results. The waves move the fat and it gets loose and dissolves naturally into the lymphatic current; this way fat is eliminated in the urine. This phenomenon also brakes fibrosis, an important component of cellulite.

ellulite or orange skin.- Where does this problem begin? All fat cells include receptors, and there are two important receptors: Alpha and Beta.

Men have more Beta receptors than Alpha receptors, while women produce more Alpha receptors.

Alpha receptors gather fat, while Beta receptors reject fat. Women have around 80% of Alpha receptors located around the hip, breast, and thighs, which contribute to the distinctive feminine body shape. However, for different reasons these cells are accumulated and deform the body making it to look fat.

ow is this method administered?

Similar to a liposculpture, the doctor identifies the area with a skin marker and disinfects the zone. After that the area is infiltrated with a hypotonic physiological sterile solution and a combination of specific reducers that are well distributed in the subdermic tissue. In the stomach for example, it is applied in two sectors, one in each side of the belly button and the application does not last more than three to five minutes. In saddlebags the technique is applied one time and also in the internal side of the knees or in the hips. It can be applied in less traditional areas such as the neck or the higher part of the ankle or arms.

he treatment is provided with fine professional devices that cause no harm. The patient feels a massage in the treated areas.

However, this is the most important part where the fat cells are broken. Once the ultrasound application is over, the treated area remains a little bit swollen due to the liquid injected but it will be naturally eliminated in 48 hours.

he results are immediate! Some women notice a reduction of two sizes in two or three sessions only, but all, thin or not, see a substantial reduction in a little time.

re there any side effects or contraindications?

It is very rare to have any side effects, unless the patient has a metallic prosthesis and only in isolated cases. However, it is important that the treatment is performed by a doctor or experienced professional. Is this a permanent solution? Yes, but we recommend maintenance sessions.

What does the patient feel during the procedure? A tickling sensation, or something like a needle puncture. Nevertheless, from the ultrasound part the sensation is fresh and nice and the patient will feel like sleeping.


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