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Prolonged effect to fill wrinkles by infiltration through implant
of micro spheres of polymetalcrylate (PMMA).

After a period of 3 months approximately, the micro sphere is incorporated to the skin where it is surrounded by a fine layer of connective tissue avoiding migration or reabsorption, obtaining a durable effect.

This procedure does not require hospitalization


When we talk...

our facial muscles contract and the continuous movement of these muscles produce deep expression lines, thus this medication if applied directly in the muscle responsible for the formation of the expression lines produces relaxation and provides the face a younger appearance. With Botox the facial expression is relaxed and soften and the general result is very natural.

Initial effects are visible in 48-72 hours after the treatment. The effect of this treatment will last approximately from 4 to 6 months. Botox can be combined with other rejuvenating techniques. Botox can be applied in the doctor’s office and it does not need any time for recovery, which makes Botox one of the fastest and discrete rejuvenating methods for women and men. Its safety and efficiency have been tested by many clinical works and years of success in the treatment of millions of patients.

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