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Elimination of excess skin and fat tissue from the eyelids and eye area and facial lifting.

ow is Eyelid Surgery performed?

In the upper eyelid some marks are placed in the already existing folds in order to make the incisions and create almost invisible scars.

he incision is made and the excess of fat, muscle, and skin is removed. The incision is closed with fine stitches in order to minimize the scar. In the lower eyelid the incision is made in a discrete area close to the eyelids line, trying to conceal the scar with one of the expression lines that form when we laugh. Later on, the excess of fat, muscle, and skin is removed.

The tissue re-accommodates and the incision is closed with a fine material. When the eye bags are caused only by excess of fat, they can be corrected with a blepharoplastia. In this case, the incision is performed within the lower eyelid, that is, the connective tissue.

hen this type of incision is closed the material that we used is absorbed and invisible to the sight. In normal conditions a blepharoplastia can be practiced in one or two hours.

hat to expect after the Eyelid Surgery?

Immediately after the surgery, your surgeon could apply sterile bands on the operated area. This is not required in cases of a transconjunctival approach. It is not necessary to cover the entire eye. However, we recommend some lotion to prevent dryness.

certain degree of inflammation is normal. Cold compresses and head elevation while you are resting can help to have a fast recovery, as well as the use of an anti-inflammatory analgesic.

uring the first two weeks you have to clean your eyelids, which will feel sticky, dry and irritated. We recommend using some eye drops. Your surgeon will list the activities and places you should avoid in the first weeks after the operation.

he stitches will be withdrawn in the following five days after the surgery, except those that have absorbed.


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