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Immediate results in face and body

It is a non-surgical treatment, medically supervised, to activate collagen.

Excellent for decreasing facial flaccidity, nose-mouth lines, eyelids, abdomen, and cellulite.

Firms skin without surgery on the whole body

he RF Collagen Activation Therapy has the property to stimulate the internal mechanism of the cells to re-dense the tissue compacting the epidermis and refilling dermis wrinkles from inside. It rebuilds the collagen using special medical equipment that generates radio frequency waves (cold/hot) to stimulate the collagen itself.

hat's collagen?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and the most visible as well.

The face skin is comprised by three distinct layers: an external visible layer on the surface called epidermis, which serves, among other things, to control loss of water in the cells and tissue. Without this protection barrier the body dehydrates rapidly. Next, there is rich intermediate layer located under the surface called dermis, which is mainly made of the protein called collagen. This protein forms a network of fibers that provides the structure for the growth of cells and blood vessels, and it is a protection shield against bacteria. And finally, an internal layer under the dermis called subcutaneous layer, also known as the fat layer that comprises a network of collagen fibers.

When collagen in these three layers is damaged due to sun exposure, familial predisposition, or the normal aging process, the face begins to wrinkle. Logically, treatments that only work on the surface cannot do anything to restore the collagen in the skin's internal layers.

Because collagen is the main component of the dermis, it acts as the skin's support structure.

hy do lines/wrinkles appear?

In young skin, the collagen structure is intact and the skin has enough hydration and elasticity.

Young skin is resistant to many facial expressions which we adopt and use everyday. But, with time, the support structure weakens and the elasticity begins to be loss manifesting for example with wrinkles in the forehead.

Skin begins to loss its tone as the collagen diminishes. Each time we laugh, frown, or make a gesture, we exercise tension in the skin collagen. The resulting effect of these facial expressions is accumulative and facial lines begin to appear.

re collagen creams enough to soften expression lines?

Collagen creams function on the surface of the skin only. Just think what would happen if the skin layers were not a protection shield to avoid bacteria penetration? This way, collagen creams cannot penetrate some levels of the skin enough simply because the skin is not designed to absorb. However, they can help superficially. No hydrating cream could revert the cumulative effects due to loss of collagen. Creams delay the loss of water from the skin and help it to be flexible.

ow was the collagen replacement therapy developed?

The medical use of collagen began several decades ago when the animal collagen was used in surgical sutures.

Permanent studies took medicine to the extensive use of collagen in a countless number of applications, including as an agent to stop hemorrhage during heart valves surgery. A group of biochemists and doctors from Stanford University experimented with alternative materials to be used for skin grafts. They were the first researchers in the concept of purification of animal collagen to be used to replace lost tissue. Collagen is available only through medical doctor trained in health care.

Immediate Contraction of the Skin

Skin contraction by means of this treatment reduces signs of aging in the skin of the face and body, renewing collagen from the inside out.

This is a non-invasive procedure that reaffirms and renews the collagen in the three layers of the skin.

ow does it do it?

Capacitive Radio Frequency technology heats up the skin’s intermediate layer and the collagen network of the skin’s internal layer, causing an adjustment of the skin firmness in addition to an improvement of its tone and texture.

  • It’s not invasive.
  • Non-surgical, minimum or nil injection use
  • It does not need hospitalization
  • It allows and reaches the immediate contraction of the collagen produced by the body turgency and contour; the results can be seen immediately and the appearance improves greatly with time.

hat does the patient can expect?

From this non-surgical proven treatment you can obtain immediate results. The treatment can be done in one hour.

It is important to explain to you what you can expect exactly from each treatment. Together, we can prioritize the most important areas for you.

ow does it work?

Capacitive Radio Frequency technology heats the intermediate layer of the skin and the collagen network in the internal layer, in a safe way, producing an immediate adjustment in addition to improve tone and texture. It is not invasive. It is not surgical.

There is a minimum to nil use of injections.

It does not need hospitalization, and allows and reaches the immediate contraction of the collagen produced by a deep controlled body's contour and turgescence.

The results can be seen immediately and the appearance improves with time.


Facial flaccidity, improves the condition of the face, the nose-mouth lines, eyelids, and even the abdomen because it reaffirms and improves the turgescence of the skin through the stimulation of the collagen itself.


The system acts deeply in the skin through heat and cold generating a cooling of 3 degrees in the treated area; After this step, through a shot of radiofrequency heat is generated without affecting the skin.

This action produces contractions in the collagen; thus, it rebuilds itself.

F Collagen Activation Therapy – Face and Body

It is apt to any kind of skin, acting overall the facial contour, nose-mouth lines, jaw lines, double chin and area below the chin, arm and leg flaccidity, localized adiposities, cellulite and dermolypolisis.

Just one treatment helps to adjust the patient's collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen.


During the treatment, the patient feels a slight sensation of heat each time the radiofrequency signal is sent to the internal layers of the skin. This immediate response of the body is because the collagen is being stimulated and reaffirmed.

In some cases the skin shows a slight redness similar to that produced by a burn with hot water or sun for a couple of days, but it disappears with time.


From age 25, the skin tissue tends to drop because of bad eating habits, stress, sun exposure, weight changes, etc.

This procedure is not a derma-abrasion

The treatment allows that when the collagen is restored from inside the body, the dermis and epidermis fiber, and other tissue improve remarkably.

ow long is a session and how many sessions?

The number of sessions depends on the problem areas and body reaction. However, in mild cases one or two sessions of approximately 1 o r 2 hours are enough.

Anesthesia is not required, but for comfort, the patient can use a slight analgesic before the treatment is applied.


  • You will feel and see the results
  • It does not require rest time

Before the treatment

Radio frequency enters every layer of the skin to stimulate collagen.

In turn, the collagen has re-establishes internally and from below it produces an impulse in the skin erasing or minimizing wrinkles, in this way improving the skin's quality

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