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Are an aesthetic reality to improve the appearance of thin muscles. If you are not happy with the shape of your calves, there is a medical procedure that will provide you with an attractive appearance. Calf implant is an outpatient surgery that consists of implanting in the fleshy and bulky part of the leg, underneath the calf and ankle, a piece of material called Elastomer, a high technology medical material that is distinguished for its elasticity, consistency, assimilation, and anatomic design, which provides volume to the leg, contouring and molding the calf.

he procedure is done in an intramuscular or submuscular way and it does not affect muscles, nerves, or tissue. This material is not absorbable, nor biodegradable, and it is biocompatible and very resistant. Because the material is not absorbent it does not cause allergic reactions. The body accepts it and resists the legs’ natural muscular tensions. The material is widely used in different specialties and these conditions make it safer and superior than infiltration (injections) of substances intramuscularly that have the same purpose. Augmentation of calves is not recommended for patients with Peripheral Arteriopathy (insufficient blood flow to the legs). In addition, it does not require hospitalization. The surgery lasts about 4 hours and the patient can resume his/her activities briefly, respecting natural convalescence and care.


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