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luteus.- (from the Greek word Gloutos).

very year around one million people interested in improving the appearance of their figure, especially hip and buttocks, make appointments with some plastic surgeon, because they are not happy with the shape of that part.

s this need new?

In a brief tour through history we can talk about pieces of clothing in women that were considered the first “implants” that held a structure to the back of the person and simulated beauty attributes in women’s torso.

n this way, many women unhappy with their figure, especially with their hips and buttocks, perform extreme exercises, and although exercise is very good for muscle tone the results are not what they expect. From a long time ago the need to improve women’s torsos has manifested in different forms, that is, covering, augmenting, reducing, or disguising the buttocks.

Thus, Dr. Piña has implemented in his Laser Center clinic the proper procedure to improve the appearance of the buttocks offering true surgical options such as augmenting, reducing, rounding, and modeling the patient torso with a surgery that does not require hospitalization or overnight stay. Depending on your figure and wishes, Dr. Piña will work along with the patient to select the most adequate procedure and the buttocks best size for the patient. The incision varies from 5 to 7 cm long and is covered by the buttocks’ fold. The intervention is approached in a three-dimensional plane with reduction, augmentation, or modeling of the body.

The buttocks are composed by three muscles: major, medium, and minor.

r. Piña uses the next main techniques:

1.- ipomodeling using the patient’s fat tissue.
2.- uttocks augmentation using implants.
3.- luteOrtostatic Suspension Threads.

None of the aforementioned surgeries require hospitalization.

Suspension Threads. Dr. Nicolay Serdev Technique (Bulgaria/Sophia)

rto – From the Latin word.- Orto that means lift;

tatic – From the Greek word.- Statike that means part of mechanics that study the equilibrium laws.

This procedure offers excellent results for women who have lost weight, have had several pregnancies, or because they have fallen, disperse or loose buttocks and want to improve their figure.

luteOrtostatic consists of a surgical intervention that applies mechanical principles to support, lift, and equilibrate the buttocks. Dr. Piña uses Dr. Nicolay Serdev’s technique and begins with a careful study analyzing where the threads should be placed in order to follow tension lines. These tensors will be introduced in the buttocks to form force triangles that are going to lift, adjust, and round the buttocks to provide permanent support lines inside the patient. Scar traces are minimal.

Can the tensor lines be broken?

Only in exceptional cases and mainly when the patient does not follow the doctor’s instructions after the surgery. The suspension threads that are used are sterile, so there is no risk of infection. The triangulation that is formed with the tensor provides high support in order to meet its objective.

Buttocks augmentation with implants. The surgery can be submuscular or subfacial with a soft material, although this material is stronger than the material that is used for breast implants. The material is known as Elastomer. There are two primary options for the implants, and can be placed in a submuscular (intra muscular) or subalterno-facial form.

ntra muscular implants.- If the patient wants more volume in the first half of the buttocks, Dr. Piña applies the intra/submuscular procedure with the Gluteus Maximus, especially where the patient does not have enough fat to implant microscopic fat. The implants give it form and volume and the result is natural.

Note: The subalterno-muscular implants can only be placed in the first half of the buttocks.

ubfacial implants.- If the patient wants more volume in the lower part of the buttocks, Dr. Piña recommends the subalterno-facial procedure placing implants especially designed for this purpose. In this technique, the implants are placed between the gluteus muscle and the tissue covering this space is larger than the space within the muscle. Larger implants can be used with this technique.

Note: This kind of implant provides more volume to the lower half of the buttocks, but it does not do anything for the first half.

Implants are good for:

1. Patients that do not have enough fat in the body for a microscopic fat implant.

2. Who only wants extra volume in the first half of the buttocks.

3. Who wants a lot of extra volume but lacks enough fat.

ICROFAT.- Liposuction or lipomodeling through an injection of fat tissue from the same patient. This technique is known as MICROFAT. This technique is very versatile because it can be combined with other procedures or can be applied to distribute and model zones that need more volume. With this procedure, Dr. Piña is able to remodel this part of the body distributing excessive fat from the waist or the thighs, for example, extracting and applying the extra fat. Results are very encouraging.


None of the aforementioned surgeries require hospitalization.

· Ultrasonotherapy.
· The incision is closed.
· Location of elastocompression clothing.
· Control for 24 hours.
· Bandage withdrawal.
· Compression control.
· Controls for 48 hours, 72 hours and every 7 days up to one moth.

· Stitch withdrawal or close the incisions 7 days after the surgery.
· Withdraw compression elements one month after the surgery.
· The patient is released approximately 30 days after the surgery.
· Begin with supplementary treatments

The scar is practically invisible because the implants are placed between the buttocks fold.

The patient will need a period of 14 to 21 days to follow up the evolution of the patient before he/she can reinitiate normal activities or trips. In order to easy the patient’s natural discomfort, the doctor will administer some medications. The patient will be able to resume sedentary activities in two weeks and all kind of activities in six weeks.

Care after the surgery:

- Relative rest
- Sport activities should not be performed
- Avoid sun exposure of the zone for 21 days
- Apply compression during 21 days


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